A little true......

Why do you need make up? ???????????
Well you don't !!! You are just beautiful as you are. It's called Natural Beauty !!!

But how can you put in evidence the beauty inside you without being necessary to convince through your words or actions? How can you let your inner beauty to be visible ? How can you reflect you interior feelings at a snap of the finger? 

For each of this questions, the answer is ........a Touch of Make Up. 

I believe that when you look good, you feel more confident, more alive, and stronger. 
I believe that a touch of make up, is an image of inside reflected outside. 

I am here to show you how I do my make up, and share with you make up tips and favourite products. 
See you soon ............xoxo !!!

Fashion up.... girl !!!!

Is it important the way you look? The way you dress every day? 
Does it worth spending on clothes just to keep up with the trend? Ohhhh and trend changes so often........ 

Excluding the necessary (and by necessary I mean strictly necessary) , why do you buy clothes? 
Maybe you want to keep with the trend ...
Maybe you want to keep with the trend because your friends keep with the trend and don't want to be left behind.... 
Or you want a more individualistic style ....
Or maybe you just want to look good, to be the best you can be, to look stunning ..... 

Every girl /woman wants to look fabulous ........and reasons are endless, no point to mention. 

I think about myself that I am more into comfort, when comes to wardrobe, even if my heels often suffer. 

So, does it worth spending on clothes? 
Yes and No !

YES: Because makes you more confident, individual, desired around, improves your self esteem, and keeps you positive. 

NO: Because makes you spend on things that you may not need, makes you exceed the limit of your credit card, makes you feel guilty when you spend a fortune on a pair of shoes that you will ware just once. 

Even if you are into fashion or not, I am happy to share with you my "fashion style", or better said what choices do I make, when comes to wardrobe. 
Thumbs up for first fashion post !!! XOXO Big hug for you all !!!

A little secret for young skin


The first youth elixir, is Scrub. Now, you may think that you don't need one, but let me tell you why you do need scrub, even if you're old or young. 

If you're a person that puts on make-up on daily basis, it's important to realise that your face skin gets clogged up. Think about sun screen, foundation, concealer, bronzer, highlighter and so on....... You may think that all these go of with make up remover, or face wash....... Well part of it does! 
Your skin pores remain clogged, and this leads to pimples, irritation, and premature ageing. 

By using face scrub after you wash your face, your skin gets exfoliated, pores remain clean, and you're face is practically forced to regenerate. 

Same thing if you don't use make up. But you probably use a face cream to hydrate your face. Now, cream is fine,......doesn't clog your pores. But soon after you go outside and there is a lot of dust in the air , and all sort of pollen, and this sticks to your face and stays there clogging up your pores. So.............use a face scrub every day even if you don't use make up so often. 

For body as well, you can use body scrub, but not necessary so often like the face one. It helps your skin to stay soft, exfoliates your dead cells, helping you to regenerate. 

After you create a habit of using scrub, you will see the difference. You will have soft and delicate skin. 

Why I consider SCRUB a youth elixir? 
Because the skin is forced to reborn, to grow new baby cells, instead of old ones. 

Did you considered this elixir helpful? Please let me know. A big hug for all !!!



Valentine's Day Red Fire Inspiration

Hey guys, another tutorial for Valentine's Day is up. Please check it out and let me know your thoughts.


PINK @ Valentine's day Makeup Tutorial@

Valentine's Day  makeup tutorial. Here are some easy steps to get a pink look to wear on Valentine's day. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts.

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Filming .....)))))))) Valentines day inspired makeup look.

Hi everyone, so I'm filming a new video inspired by Valentines Day which will be here soon, so be back tomorrow for a new fresh tutorial.

Here is a little sneak. XoXo


Sally Hansen " Lustre Shine"

 Sally Hansen " Lustre Shine" 006 Lava.
So I have painted my nails today with a nail polish that I haven't tried yet, and I was really surprised. I like how it looks on my nails and that it keeps shining  even after the nails are completely dried. They look fresh like they were just painted. So I am not a professional in nails but I like to keep them as clean and pretty possible.

 Will I recommend Sally Hansen " Lustre Shine" ??? Yes. Looks gorgeous and it is a look easy to achieve. Good night everyone.