Boost your look ! Go all Natural with ! Pixi Bronzer!

What a better way to look natural and contour your face, than bronzer ? 
   The shade of your bronzer has to match your skin tone, so if you have a light skin tone (especially during winter time) you should go for  a lighter bronzer, and during the summer, when you're all bronzed up you may choose to use a darker shade of bronzer. 

My skin pigment is usually  a bit darker even winter time. I didn't have any sunbaths this summer
(studying) so now I am a bit lighter than usual, so I have gone to the lighter shade of bronzer. 

Soooooo Ladies and Gentlemans I present you Pixi Bronzer. Taaa Daaaa !!!

Since I've heard of Pixi, I wanted to try out  their products. I have been attracted to buy pixi, because of the colour of their products, this light vintage green, and also because of their name, like fairytale, and their website is so tempting, like they invite you to join their Fairy World, sprinkled with pixi dust.
And in deed their products have higher quality than many products, with middle range prices, so everyone can afford to purchase.

But let's talk about bronzer now. The bronzer comes in a sweet vintage green box, has a little design printed mirror, the bronzer itself, and also a surprise drawer, underneath the bronzer, containing a little soft vintage brush.

Cool isn't it?

The bronzer that I use from Pixi is shade No.2 Medium Bronze. The quality of this bronzer is 8 out of 10, and the reason why is that I have to rub the brush against the bronzer, to get a more pigmented colour. I guess they wanted you to get on your brush only as much as will add a touch of contour to your face. Other than that, I am absolutely happy, with this bronzer, because it has no glitter in it, so I can create a natural makeover.

  As you can see, the lovely mirror and it's drawer with the brush and the fine bronzer, may add a touch of glamour to your daily routine. It personally makes me feel like I am using some forbidden pixi dust, and at the end I am always happy with the result.

Try it and enjoy!!!

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