Fashion up.... girl !!!!

Is it important the way you look? The way you dress every day? 
Does it worth spending on clothes just to keep up with the trend? Ohhhh and trend changes so often........ 

Excluding the necessary (and by necessary I mean strictly necessary) , why do you buy clothes? 
Maybe you want to keep with the trend ...
Maybe you want to keep with the trend because your friends keep with the trend and don't want to be left behind.... 
Or you want a more individualistic style ....
Or maybe you just want to look good, to be the best you can be, to look stunning ..... 

Every girl /woman wants to look fabulous ........and reasons are endless, no point to mention. 

I think about myself that I am more into comfort, when comes to wardrobe, even if my heels often suffer. 

So, does it worth spending on clothes? 
Yes and No !

YES: Because makes you more confident, individual, desired around, improves your self esteem, and keeps you positive. 

NO: Because makes you spend on things that you may not need, makes you exceed the limit of your credit card, makes you feel guilty when you spend a fortune on a pair of shoes that you will ware just once. 

Even if you are into fashion or not, I am happy to share with you my "fashion style", or better said what choices do I make, when comes to wardrobe. 
Thumbs up for first fashion post !!! XOXO Big hug for you all !!!

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