CANAAN !!! Revive your skin with Mud Mask and Moisturising Cream

 I have recently found these two miracles at Tk-Maxx, and to be honest what attracted me in the first place was the name. Canaan.  I think the name is appropriate for these products because they have naturally active minerals and herbs which make your face skin visibly different  even after one use. 

    This products are manufactured in Israel and contain active ingredients from the Dead Sea. I wasn't even looking for cream or mask, that day, I was just trying to find a lip balm,and look what I found. 

 The products are quite affordable and have this chic look in glass jars. So I went straight away home to try them out. Yayyyyyyy.........

The Moisturising cream from Canaan, is deeply penetrating your skin leaving it softer for a longer then usual period of time. After you use it you have the feeling that you just have been to the spa and now you radiating through your skin. Moisture:  9 out of 10.  Texture: Thick 8 out of 10 

The Canaan Mud Mask is nothing else but mud. But is from the Dead Sea......))))) And smells like mud. Thick texture 10 out of 10.  So far so good.

I just applied the mud mask on my face. Careful when applying face masks any kind, to avoid your eye area, you mouth area and nose. You can go little bit more than I just did but careful.

After two minutes I started to feel the active ingredients from the Mud Mask. It felt like an effervescent ingredient more like baking powder. But the feeling has stopped after five more minutes.
   In total I kept mu mud mask for half an hour. Then I washed it away with warm water and a face wash.

Right after I have washed my face,  I could see the results. A softer face, clean pores, radiant and luminous. Using the Canaan cream after has even better results.

This is my most recent happy discovery in matter of face cream and mask.  I would name it a miracle.
    Let me know if anyone of you has tried the cream and mask yet, and what do you think of it, in the comments down below.

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