Skincare essentials !!! My Choice of face wash and scrub.

Because I need to take care of my skin  my first and last  day routine is to wash and scrub my face.          And to do that I use a face wash, not a soap or a body wash. And the reason I choose a face wash instead of a regular body wash is that a regular body wash will dry and harm the face skin. Also will not remove your makeup, not entirely, and will make you cry. 
      So a face wash than. Also, I need to use a scrub, a face scrub, because is more gentle than a body scrub and you don't want to remove such a big amount of dead cells from your face skin like you want to remove from your body. So a face scrub. 

    But which face wash and which scrub.  Many products  are available in shops and I have tried couple of them but I wasn't completely happy until I have discovered Olay. 

  The Olay Face Wash has a lovely scent, and is tear free. I usually wash my face in the morning when I wake up and then after I go on with my day, and I also use it before going to sleep when I normally remove my makeup as well. 

 The Olay face wash has a dreamy scent, it is clear colour  and I find it perfect before bedtime. It makes you no tears, and removes makeup entirely. 

 The Olay Face Scrub     is creamy and very gentle. The particles in it are tiny and white like the scrub itself. I can not tell you how effective is it. Clears your pores and removes the dead cells on your face. Also I absolutely recommend a scrub to be used when putting on makeup on daily basis. All the makeup used, clogs up your pores and this leads to pimples and redness. 

    So in my opinion after I used  Olay, I can say that these are products are  loving  you back. 

 If I  want to be critical, between Olay face wash and Olay face scrub, I can say that Olay Scrub,..... I have used better than this one,  but Olay face wash is so far the best I've used. 

Let me know your opinions about these  products by leaving a comment below. Hope you find this useful. )))))

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