Fake Lashes. A touch of Glamour by Bourjois

I normally don't ware fake lashes, because I like to go all natural, and add as little as possible of makeup or extra accessories to complete a look.  But..... there are occasions when I want some longer lashes. 

    I have avoided to ware them because they made me feel like I have an extra something on my eyelids, and they were just uncomfortable. They bothered me especially on the inner corner of my eyes. So I cut little bit from the inner corner, of each eyelash and than I applied them. 

     Bourjois , is my most recent purchase of eyelashes, they are pretty affordable and have the glue included. This model,  Smoky Eyes, looks great on, and the glue is super powerful, so you don't need to worry that you will loose them while talking with someone...... ))))))))))))))))

And Ta-Daaaaaa  ..........This is how they look on. I cut the inner corners so I can't feel them on.

Big difference I would say. So Bourjois Eyelashes ????? A good choice, very close to perfection.


  1. They really suit you , I just can't put fake eyelashes on xox

    1. Thanks for the comment Marie. In did it is hard to find lashes that feel 100% like your own. I guess that is why you can't ware them.