Smashbox "Click Your It" Pallete Review

It's been a while since I haven't posted, so here I am back with some more reviews on products that I use. This is my 100% honest opinion, either I like a product or not, I will let you guys know the pro's and con's of every product that I choose to make a review on. 

Sooooooo I've been using the Smashbox Eye Palette for a while now ( I think two months), and even if it was released back in 2011, I still haven't tried it yet. 

The Palette comes in a red box, pretty big one, but this is good because you have all sort of shades in it, including five eyeliners in special festive shades.

The Palette has 15 eyeshadows and 5 eyeliners. The box comes with a mirror and instructions for makeup as well. The shades are really pigmented and shiny. I find this palette perfect for evenings, and nights out, because of it's shimmery shades.  But i personally use it at day time as well, I can't help myself. It' s soooooooooo beautiful.

From no 1-15 are the eyeshadows and from 16-20 are the eyeliners.Colours 1,4,and 5 are fade colours to correct and highlight.
   Eyeliners are great Black, Purple, Dark Blue, Dark Brown and Shimmery Light brown.

I like each eyeliner from this palette, except only one which is giving me a herd time Shimmery Light Brown, and this is because it's so light you can barely see it, on your eyelid, unless you don't apply any other shade just eyeliner.

 This is how the eyeshadows look when applied. I haven't use water or make-up fixer to highlight the pigments. This is just how they are.

   But if you want a more pigmented shade I recommend to deep your brush into a drop of water first, or add little bit of make-up fixer on the brush, then deep into the shade, and you will have the same shade only lot more pigmented, lot more alive.

Overall, I like this Palette, I still use it, I have created lots of looks with it, and I will repurchase it for sure.

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